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Oliver Farm Oils


Product Description

Oliver Farm oils are pure, fresh, natural, cold pressed, non-refined and non gmo. These Georgia Grown oils are getting national attention! 

Pecan Oil

It is easy to fall in love with this instant classic.  Oliver Farm Pecan Oil tastes just like the delicious and nutritious nut.  “Wow!” is the response we get when people taste it for the first time.  It has a more amber color than many of our oils and it is packed with Vitamins and minerals.  The fat profile makes it acceptable as a heart healthy oil.  We use this oil frequently at home as a butter substitute in making eggs and its warm nuttiness make for excellent vinaigrette pairings.  A high smoke point of 470 degrees make it suitable to sear and use on the grill.  Or use it like us and drizzle it over just about anything to add a little Southern swag to your favorite meals.  Our first oil to gain national attention by winning a Good Food Award in 2015, it has also been featured in Garden and Gun as their Made in the South Food Category Winner.   In January 2018, Oliver Farm Pecan Oil won its second Good Food Award.


Green Peanut

Pressing peanuts was a no brainer.  Pitts, GA is located in an area that is known for peanuts.  We have peanut statues, peanut festivals, and the one and only President from Georgia was a peanut farmer who grew up near here.  Our schools still teach the importance of George Washington Carver’s work and with that in mind, Oliver Farm Green Peanut Oil can transport you to a different place in time.  Chef Sean Brock said, “The first time I tasted green peanut oil, it was as if I was standing in a field pulling peanuts out of the ground and eating them.”  There is no secret to what we do, we take high quality peanuts, remove the oil, filter it, and bottle it.  Many of the high end restaurants use our Green Peanut Oil as a finish like Miller Union co owner and Chef Steven Satterfield who helped name our unique oil “Green” for its popping taste.  Oliver Farm Green Peanut Oil was the Garden and Gun Made in the South Food Category Winner in 2015 and won a Good Food Award in 2016, and its growing popularity caught the eye of The New York Times in 2016.  The fat profile of our Green Peanut Oil is nothing to scoff at either, its slightly higher in Saturated fat and slightly lower in Monounsaturated fat than other oils. It also has a smoke point of 400 degrees.

Sunflower Oil

This is the oil that got it all started in 2012.  Clay grew sunflowers with the intention of harvesting and pressing them for oil that fall.  Blessed with a good crop that year he purchased a press and made oil from sunflowers grown here on the farm.  Once we tasted it we knew we had something special.  There was no doubt it tasted like sunflower seeds.  Oliver Farm Sunflower Oil has a bold rich flavor and is a bright yellow color.  It is a great oil to use for light sautéing and its bold flavor is great on salads.   It is the families favorite to use for frying fish. Garden and Gun chose our Sunflower Oil as its Made In the South Food Category Winner in 2015 and it won a Good Food Award in 2017.   A surprising fact to many people is how healthy our cold pressed, unrefined sunflower oil is.  We purposely grow high oleic sunflowers for its healthy fats.

Infused Sunflower Oil

 Oliver Farm Infused Sunflower Oil is our best selling oil. People often want to know how we came up with the recipe.  It happened one night as my wife Valerie and my mother Jurice were enjoying some bread and oil and began adding spices to the oil.  Keeping some and omitting others they settled on the recipe and it has been popular from the start.  We start with our high oleic sunflower oil then add eight herbs and spices that look so good in the bottle people can’t resist shaking it up.  Once that happens, the flavors of the rosemary, oregano, basil, parsley, red pepper, black pepper, garlic, and salt blend perfectly with the rich bold sunflower oil.   This oil was born for dipping bread, and there are a ton of other uses for it.  Several local schools use it on their salad bar.  It is a great oil to sautee vegetables or easily enhance grilled or baked meats.   


Pumpkin Oil

Oliver Farm Pumpkin Seed Oil is delicious and nutritious.  It is packed with vitamins and nutrients and has a long history of health benefits including improvements in prostate health, skin irritations, and hair loss.   Very high concentrations of zinc make this oil a powerful medicine.  The flavor of this oil is equally amazing.  While not suitable for high temperature cooking it has many varied uses.   Of course, salad dressings are the most common use for pumpkin seed oil.  Choosing a vinegar is a matter of taste, though apple cider vinegar is traditionally used, we prefer a sweeter, white or strawberry balsamic.  Refine with salt, pepper, seasonings or herbs, it’s a delicious dressing for every salad.  Pumpkin seed oil is great with seasonal fruits and delicious served over vanilla ice cream as well




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