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Deep River Outfitters Releases “Ocmulgee River at Macon” T-Shirt Design to Benefit The Children’s Hospital Navicent Health

Posted by Keith Lindsey on

December 28, 2015 started off as a normal day for Sarah and Steven Chandler of Riddleville, Georgia. Sarah was 35 weeks pregnant with their second child and was planning to go to a scheduled OBGYN appointment. The doctor’s appointment and the day turned out to be anything but normal.

By days end, Sarah and Steven were the proud parents of Maddilynn Michelle, 5 weeks early and weighing in at 4 pounds, 6 ounces. Maddi required some suction at birth but her oxygen level quickly stabilized to a healthy level and within 24 hours, she was on her way home.

Exactly one week later, Maddi was transferred by Critical Care Transport to The Children’s Hospital Navicent Health (CHNH). She had lost 20% of her birth weight and weighed 3 pounds 9 ounces. She was barely consuming any formula and, due to her weight loss, could no longer maintain her own body temperature. When Sarah and Steven arrived at CHNH, they were greeted by the most amazing team of doctors and nurses!

Maddi was admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and was diagnosed with Medical Necrotizing Enterocolitis, often referred to as NEC. NEC is a potentially life threatening infection of the bowel most common in premature infants who had low oxygen at birth.

The Children’s Hospital Navicent Health staff worked around the clock providing Maddi with nutrition via a feeding tube and IVs, checking labs, taking X-Rays, and monitoring vital signs making sure if her case ever became surgical that it was caught immediately. 28 days later, on her due date, Maddi was discharged.

A week later, Maddi was back at CHNH. This time, her diagnosis was severe reflux, or GERD. She left the hospital four days later with a NJ feeding tube but Maddi’s reflux was so severe that the feeding tube would not stay in place and Maddi returned to Children’s Hospital for a third stay.

When Maddi was 8 weeks old, CHNH surgeons performed two procedures. A Nissen fundoplication, to improve her reflux, and placed a gastrostomy button, a more long term feeding tube option. 6 days later, Maddi was released.

Today, Maddi weighs over 6 pounds and is getting stronger by the day. “The Children’s Hospital Navicent Health in Macon was God’s anointed hands used to heal my daughter” says Maddi’s Mom, Sarah.

“We thank God every day for his healing touch working through the staff of The Children’s Hospital Navicent Health, who not only took care of our daughter medically but also provided amazing emotional support for Maddi and our family.”

Sarah Chandler is the daughter of Keith and Beth Lindsey of Tennille. Keith is co-owner of Deep River Outfitters. DRO celebrates American rivers with great apparel and accessories and gives 10% of sales to local ministries and non-profits.

Knowing that Deep River Outfitters was releasing an Ocmulgee River at Macon t-shirt design, Sarah asked her Dad if DRO’s normal 10% of sales contribution could be designated to CHNH. Keith’s business partner, Matt Vos, agreed enthusiastically and a plan was formed.

“The Ocmulgee River at Macon” t-shirt design features original art by Milledgeville native, Nancy Duke Mitchell, showcasing the river, Macon’s skyline and world famous cherry blossoms. Nancy’s art is carefully screen printed onto the back of your choice of blossom or chalky mint 100% cotton Comfort Colors shirts. These shirts feature a front left pocket that is either screen printed with “Deep River Outfitters” or customized with monogramming.

“The Ocmulgee River atMacon” t-shirt with printed pocket is $30, with monogrammed pocket is $37 and is available online at shopdeepriver.com or at our shop in Tennille, Thursday and Friday 10 – 6 and Saturday 10 – 5.

Sarah Chandler encourages everyone to support The Children’s Hospital Navicent Health through the purchase of an Ocmulgee River at Macon T-Shirt. She says, “The CHNH serves over 50 counties in the state of Georgia. They provide one of the best NICU’s, oncology centers, pediatric ICU’s, and surgical centers in the state. Our donation may provide children with coloring books, pajamas, socks, puzzles and other small things just to help them feel safe and comfortable or it may make it possible to purchase an extra NICU incubator that saves a preemie’s life. The staff at The Children’s Hospital Navicent Health showed our family love and care at a time we desperately needed it. Would you help us insure the same can be provided for another family?”


Maddilynn Michelle Chandler

December 28, 2015

Ocmulgee River at Macon on Blossom

“Ocmulgee River at Macon” on Chalky Mint T-Shirt

Ocmulgee River at Macon on Chalky Mint

“Ocmulgee River at Macon on Blossom T-Shirt