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Our Story


If there is one thing that really brings Keith and Matt together, it’s ministry. Their friendship is a story of God supernaturally bringing people together.

Feeling the call to ministry, and finally stepping out into God’s desire for his heart, Matt moved from his hometown in West Michigan to Georgia to pursue a career in ministry. Matt found himself in Washington County, Georgia, where Keith grew up.

Shortly before Matt moved to Georgia, Keith and his family returned from serving as missionaries in the Philippines and settled back in Washington County. Keith's entrepreneurial spirit led him into a partnership of a successful office furniture business in Atlanta where he continues to commute each week, returning to Washington County for the weekends.

Matt and Keith were only acquaintances in their small Central Georgia community, until one opportunity presented itself in the form of a church conference in Atlanta. The two wound up meeting just minutes from Keith’s office to attend the conference together and it’s at that conference that their friendship really began. 

In January 2015, they met together for the first time to discuss the potential of a business project. Weeks and months passed as Keith and Matt worked together to create Deep River Outfitters, LLC, a business that serves as a platform for ministry. Keith and Matt are proud to launch Deep River Outfitters in the heart of Georgia, where they both now call home.